Our Products
The Mango Jam is the typical Guanacasteco´s mangada! It can be used in the morning on toast or in the afternoon on ice cream or with cheese, etc.
Open the jar and close your eyes and you will feel you are in Guanacaste! There is more fruit than sugar in these jars
The Papaya Marmalade is made with red papaya, pineapple, orange, lemon, and ginger.
The Sweet Pepper Jelly is made with sugar cane vinegar and very ripe sweet peppers. These are in 8 oz. jars.
Special things come in small packages! These tropical jellies and marmalades are in 4.2 oz. jars and very unique.
Passion Fruit eaten with cheese, yogurt or on ice cream will liven your day!.
Cactus Pear Jelly is delicious and adds a splash of color to any breakfast or dessert.
Lemon Jelly and Ginger Marmalade (both made with home grown lemons) is a must for lemon lovers.
Jalapeño Pepper Jelly made with sugar cane vinegar goes very well with cheeses or even pork.

Habaneros chilies are used in two of our sauces (Vieja Brava y Pica Pica. Our hot sauces are right from the Costarican´s past. It used to be that all the tables in CR had a "Chilero". The chilero had onions, garlic and hot chilies in natural vinegar(sometimes they added carrots).
We followed that tradition and chopped the onions, chilies, and garlic and cook them in sugar cane vinegar. Pica Pica is in a 8 oz. jar which is spicier than the Hot Chunky Pepper Salsa(Chilero Picante) which is milder because of the sweet carrot.(8 oz. jar)
The third chunky style salsa(Viejo Verde) is made from mild jalapeños cooked with onions in sugar cane vinegar, this is our mildest sauce.
We offer two hot sauces.
Tico Style Hot Pepper Sauce goes with everything, on everything or in everything. Not too hot, it has the traditional chilero ingredients from the Costa Rican cuisine.(sugar cane vinegar, onions, ripe habaneros peppers, and garlic.

Kill The Big Bully Sauce(Mata Matones®) is for the strong at heart(or stomach). Made with home grown red habanero peppers, it is extremely hot. Both sauces are made with sugar cane vinegar and have onion and garlic. There are no chemicals or artificial colorings in these products.

The Mango Tamarind Chutney is a recipe created by us, trying to blend the exciting and spicy tastes of CR. It is 100% Natural with sugar cane vinegar, mango, tamarind, ginger, raisins, garlic, onions and brown sugar. Serve this on meat or with cheeses and you will feel as if you are in Costa Rica! In 8 oz. jars.
Salsa Guanacaste (Tamarind and Papaya Steak Sauce)
Salsa Guanacaste is a very versatile sauce made up of papaya, tamarind, ginger, raisins and spices. Use it on your steak, chicken, pork or even as a salad dressing. The Ticos in Guanacaste like it on their “gallo pinto” in the morning.
The cucumber relishes are in 8 oz. jars and made with sugar cane vinegar. The sweet relish is made with cucumbers, onions, and sweet peppers. The hot, which is really just spicy, is the same recipe as the sweet relish with some hot chilies to make it spicier.

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